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Metropolitan Police

Stephen Lawrence’s father is right to be wary of new inquiry

Fri 7 Mar, AT 10:11
Robert Chesshyre

It’s not just undercover culture that needs investigating – but the sheer size of the overblown Met

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence report: Met chief says force 'devastated'

First Reaction
Fri 7 Mar, AT 15:21

Home Secretary launches inquiry into undercover policing following 'profoundly shocking' report

Plebgate: Met PC pleads guilty over false witness account

One-Minute Read
Fri 10 Jan, AT 13:55

PC Keith Wallis admits misconduct in public office after lying to local MP about Andrew Mitchell row

David Cameron during PMQ's

Plebgate: PM demands police apology over Mitchell smear

Wed 16 Oct, AT 13:00
The Mole

If police can treat a Cabinet minister like this, people are asking, what hope does a young black man have?

Julia Tomlinson, wife of Ian Tomlinson, with son Paul King

Ian Tomlinson: Scotland Yard finally apologises for death

One-Minute Read
Mon 5 Aug, AT 15:02

This is as 'close as we are going to get to justice', says widow as litigation is resolved four years on

Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann: UK police hold crucial Lisbon talks

One-Minute Read
Mon 16 Mar, AT 14:28

Met police hold 'detailed discussions' with Portuguese prosecutors to work out next steps in Maddy McCann investigation

Met Police 'secretly bugged Stephen Lawrence's friend'

One-Minute Read
Wed 26 Jun, AT 09:56

Neither Duwayne Brooks or his lawyers knew they were being recorded in meetings with police

Stephen Lawrence

'I was told to dig dirt on Stephen Lawrence,' says undercover cop

One-Minute Read
Mon 24 Jun, AT 10:18

Officer says he was under 'constant pressure' to get evidence discrediting murdered youth and his friend

Were Woolwich killers known to MI5? Cameron doesn't deny it

Thu 23 May, AT 13:20
The Mole

Prime Minister says there will be no 'knee-jerk reaction' to brutal killing and life must go on as normal

'Dead, dead, dead': Thatcher's death celebrated at parties

One-Minute Read
Tue 9 Apr, AT 09:17

Revellers in Glasgow and Brixton marked the former PM's passing with champagne, party hats and chants