Metropolitan Police

Scotland Yard - headquarters of the Metropolitan Police
15 Aug, 2014

Two policemen had relationships with women while living under false identities to infiltrate political groups

Family members of Jean Charles de Menezes dedicate a memorial plaque
24 Jul, 2014

Probe into Met's undercover squad set to 'severely criticise force for lack of regard to the rules'

Met police cadets on parade
16 Jul, 2014

Former Met detective believes his 1998 inquiry into abuse was 'all too uncomfortable to a lot of people'

Stephen Lawrence murder
16 Jul, 2014

Former officer Clive Driscoll says some senior officers never wanted a successful prosecution

The Metropolitan police
02 Jul, 2014

Staff were ordered to delete details of discrimination against black female firearms officer

Armed policeman
09 May, 2014

Home Affairs Committee wants the new National Crime Agency to take over terror command

Police cordon off a crime scene
01 May, 2014

One report of rape not recorded due to 'workload pressure', while poor supervision also blamed

Stephen Lawrence
07 Mar, 2014

Home Secretary launches inquiry into undercover policing following 'profoundly shocking' report

07 Mar, 2014

It’s not just undercover culture that needs investigating – but the sheer size of the overblown Met

10 Jan, 2014

PC Keith Wallis admits misconduct in public office after lying to local MP about Andrew Mitchell row