Metropolitan Police

Brendan O'Neill on the death of Ian Tomlinson
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24 Apr, 2009

Brendan O’Neill argues that the coverage of Ian Tomlinson’s death has become what JG Ballard would call ‘an atrocity event’

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20 Apr, 2009

Two new videos and a report on police behaviour issued by climate change campaigners will increase the pressure on the Metropolitan Police

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08 Apr, 2009

Video posted by the Guardian shows a ‘sickening and unprovoked attack’ by police on the man who died during the G20 protests in London

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27 Mar, 2009

By talking up the likelihood of a ‘summer of rage’, the Metropolitan Police risks creating the very unrest that it seeks to dispel

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25 Mar, 2009

Police warnings that protests against next week’s G20 summit in London could turn violent are provocative and likely to be self-fulfilling

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03 Dec, 2008

The outgoing Metropolitan Police commissioner had the courage to call wider society out on its more revolting prejudices