Metropolitan Police

Julia Tomlinson, wife of Ian Tomlinson, with son Paul King
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05 Aug, 2013

This is as 'close as we are going to get to justice', says widow as litigation is resolved four years on

Madeleine McCann
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16 Mar, 2015

Met police hold 'detailed discussions' with Portuguese prosecutors to work out next steps in Maddy McCann investigation

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26 Jun, 2013

Neither Duwayne Brooks or his lawyers knew they were being recorded in meetings with police

Stephen Lawrence
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24 Jun, 2013

Officer says he was under 'constant pressure' to get evidence discrediting murdered youth and his friend

23 May, 2013

Prime Minister says there will be no 'knee-jerk reaction' to brutal killing and life must go on as normal

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09 Apr, 2013

Revellers in Glasgow and Brixton marked the former PM's passing with champagne, party hats and chants

Trenton Oldfield, the protester who disrupted the 2012 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race
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27 Mar, 2013

Aussie stopped the 2012 Boat Race. Now, he says, the Met wants to help him protest at this weekend's race

Lord Rennard 260213
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26 Feb, 2013

Police to probe harassment claims against Lib Dem chief as more revelations and accusations emerge

30 Jan, 2013

Sack employees if they fail checks and won't get help, demands Metropolitan Police head