Pc Simon Harwood

Pc who pushed Ian Tomlinson acquitted of manslaughter

One-Minute Read Thu 19 Jul, AT 16:59

Met officer Simon Harwood had history of unproven allegations of excessive force against public

Andy Coulson

Andy Coulson charged with perjury: what now for David Cameron?

First Post Thu 31 May, AT 08:53

Former Downing Street communication chief's arrest raises serious questions for the Prime Minister

counterfeit coins

Three men charged after Britain's biggest ever fake coin raid

One-Minute Read Fri 25 May, AT 11:14

Police have seized £4.1m worth of fake pound coins in London and home counties raids

Scotland Yard

Anti-corruption officer arrested on suspicion of bribery

First Post Thu 24 May, AT 12:45

Allegations of £20,000 bribe as Scotland Yard's elite anti-corruption unit is investigated


Gus O'Donnell adds to pressure for Jeremy Hunt inquiry

Mon 14 May, AT 14:29 The Mole

Former top civil servant suggests Culture Secretary is responsible for the actions of his special adviser

US police officer with shotgun

US police fire more bullets in a month than Germans use in a year

One-Minute Read Mon 14 May, AT 11:41

German police used 85 bullets in 2011, according to a report. LA police fired 90 in one incident last month


Irish people may be the next to reject Europe's austerity dream

Opinion digest Fri 11 May, AT 11:13

Opinion digest: Irish austerity, gay marriage culture wars, British FBI and Olympic propaganda

Yard's relationship with NotW man showed 'poor judgment'

Thu 12 Apr, AT 08:54 Robert Chesshyre

And where is the suave John Yates now? Acting as police adviser to the Bahrain government

Abdel Hakim Belhadj

Belhadj rendition: why the MI6 spooks dropped Jack Straw in it

Wed 18 Apr, AT 08:53 Crispin Black

As Straw is served legal papers, it seems today's secret agents are no longer prepared to take the fall for politicians

Ali Dizaei

A flash, brash, arrogant copper: shed no tears for Ali Dizaei

Tue 14 Feb, AT 09:41 Robert Chesshyre

Sadly, other ethnic minority police officers are likely to suffer as a result of Dizaei’s actions