Metropolitan Police

Clattenburg row: Now Chelsea in dock over post match brawl

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Tue 30 Oct, AT 09:11

Referee accused of 'inappropriate language', as he files report about post-match fracas

PM to investigate allegations of Downing St paedophile ring

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Wed 24 Oct, AT 14:57

Tom Watson MP demands police investigate claims. Do they refer to Mrs Thatcher's one-time PPS?

Jimmy Savile's headstone sent to landfill on his family's orders

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Wed 10 Oct, AT 12:51

Memorial dug up overnight as other celebrities face questions from police over sexual abuse

‘Awful’ Savile allegations: BBC apologises and pledges inquiry

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Mon 8 Oct, AT 12:36

But Director General George Entwistle says police must complete criminal investigation first

Does BBC have questions to answer over Savile abuse claims?

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Tue 2 Oct, AT 15:16

New director general George Entwistle faces a headache as police open probe into allegations of sexual abuse

Naked Prince Harry pictures: British media in turmoil

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Wed 22 Aug, AT 14:42

Leveson inquiry blamed for scaring the press as London papers steer clear of nude Harry pics

Assange: a pawn in Ecuador's power game with Uncle Sam

Fri 17 Aug, AT 07:34
Charles Laurence

Assange appears more useful to the wily President Correa than he is to the US authorities

Tia Sharp's body found in bed sheet and bin bag in gran's loft

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Mon 13 Aug, AT 14:41

Grandma's boyfriend Stuart Hazell has appeared in court charged with the 12-year-old's murder

Grandmother's boyfriend charged with Tia murder

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Sun 12 Aug, AT 13:14

Stuart Hazell charged after Met apologise for not finding schoolgirl Tia Sharp's body on four visits to house

Pc Simon Harwood

Pc who pushed Ian Tomlinson acquitted of manslaughter

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Thu 19 Jul, AT 16:59

Met officer Simon Harwood had history of unproven allegations of excessive force against public