Metropolitan Police

Met police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe

Tough guy Hogan-Howe lays out his police tactics

Fri 16 Sep, AT 14:50

Water cannon, knife arches, and city wide crackdowns in store as part of ‘total war’ on London crime

London riots vigilante

UK riots: are vigilantes heroes or villains?

Wed 10 Aug, AT 14:52

First reaction: the police don’t like them but some see vigilante groups as heroes of the community

riot police

As UK reels from riots, is it time to use army?

Tue 9 Aug, AT 15:42

First reaction: Comparisons with the 1980s are misleading – there are far deeper causes

Theresa May

Theresa May’s comments over police cuts mocked

Tue 9 Aug, AT 13:45

‘The British public don't resort to violent unrest’ home secretary told police last year while defending cuts

Olympic village

Exposed: the nightmare of the London Olympics

Wed 20 Jul, AT 08:30
Michael Bywater

The debacle of the Murdochs, Brooks and Coulson is foreshadowed in this astounding book