Metropolitan Police

Rupert Murdoch

Will Murdoch boost morale and launch the Sun on Sunday?

Media Watch
Fri 17 Feb, AT 09:41

Options include starting a new Sunday – or pleasing News Corp shareholders by selling up in the UK

Ali Dizaei

A flash, brash, arrogant copper: shed no tears for Ali Dizaei

Tue 14 Feb, AT 09:41
Robert Chesshyre

Sadly, other ethnic minority police officers are likely to suffer as a result of Dizaei’s actions

After Stephen Lawrence: the other unsolved racist murders

One-Minute Read
Thu 5 Jan, AT 08:58

Now will police revisit three of the most high-profile unsolved racist murders in the UK?

Doreen Lawrence with police

Police 'dismayed' by judge's pressure to pursue rest of gang

One-Minute Read
Thu 5 Jan, AT 07:45

'If we could have found the evidence they would have been in the dock' says Met police source

Real-life hacks beware: police hope to press charges soon

Tue 3 Jan, AT 07:39
The Mole

But with the welter of celebrity evidence and now a TV satire, can anyone hope for a fair trial?

Police 'hung up phone' on journalist abused on Twitter

First Post
Sun 20 Nov, AT 14:39

Nabila Ramdani was called an 'immigrant whore' but the Met refused to take any action

Why review of undercover police tactics was delayed

Thu 20 Oct, AT 14:35

Allegations that police spy gave false name to court may force a rethink of watchdog’s recommendations

Guardian offices

Met lightens up – but was Guardian partly to blame?

Wed 21 Sep, AT 13:36

Talking Point: The Met’s Official Secrets Act threat was ill-advised, but was the Guardian asking for trouble?

Guardian offices

Legal battle looms over Met attack on Guardian

Sun 18 Sep, AT 14:02

Police action is an abuse of the Official Secrets Act and the Human Rights Act, say editors and lawyers

Met police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe

Tough guy Hogan-Howe lays out his police tactics

Fri 16 Sep, AT 14:50

Water cannon, knife arches, and city wide crackdowns in store as part of ‘total war’ on London crime