Metropolitan Police

Abdel Hakim Belhadj
18 Apr, 2012

As Straw is served legal papers, it seems today's secret agents are no longer prepared to take the fall for politicians

Rebekah Brooks
01 Mar, 2012

Would anything have been said if Rebekah Brooks had fostered a retired police-dog? Of course not

Rupert Murdoch
17 Feb, 2012

Options include starting a new Sunday – or pleasing News Corp shareholders by selling up in the UK

Ali Dizaei
14 Feb, 2012

Sadly, other ethnic minority police officers are likely to suffer as a result of Dizaei’s actions

05 Jan, 2012

Now will police revisit three of the most high-profile unsolved racist murders in the UK?

Doreen Lawrence with police
05 Jan, 2012

'If we could have found the evidence they would have been in the dock' says Met police source

03 Jan, 2012

But with the welter of celebrity evidence and now a TV satire, can anyone hope for a fair trial?

20 Nov, 2011

Nabila Ramdani was called an 'immigrant whore' but the Met refused to take any action

20 Oct, 2011

Allegations that police spy gave false name to court may force a rethink of watchdog’s recommendations

Guardian offices
21 Sep, 2011

Talking Point: The Met’s Official Secrets Act threat was ill-advised, but was the Guardian asking for trouble?