Metropolitan Police

Sir Paul Stephenson

Met police boss is urged to resign over Wallis link

Fri 15 Jul, AT 10:44

Why did Stephenson hire News of the World exec after police had canned phone hacking inquiry?

Good God! Andy Hayman ‘bribes’ denial goes viral

Wed 13 Jul, AT 10:55

MPs call ex-police chief who led phone hacking probe ‘Clouseau’ and a ‘dodgy geezer’ (with video)

John Yates

Yates faces grilling over phone hacking failures

Tue 12 Jul, AT 10:43

MPs are to question the police chief who refused to reopen inquiry into News of the World in 2009

Kate and Gerry McCann

Police watchdog: McCann inquiry ‘ludicrous’

Sun 15 May, AT 15:00

Met Police Authority member says inquiry into gfirl’s disappearance is waste of money - but India Knight defends McCanns

Metropolitan Police at G20 demonstrations

G20 police chief put in charge of royal wedding

Wed 20 Apr, AT 07:10

Bob Broadhurst will hope his royal wedding police operation is more successful than at the G20 protests