Metropolitan Police

Bill Bratton

Let’s put an end to the chief constables’ closed shop

Wed 17 Aug, AT 09:06
Richard Ehrman

Top cops have blown away Bratton – but the issue of elected police commissioners won’t be so easy

Hugh Orde

Hugh Orde lays into US ‘supercop’ Bill Bratton

Sun 14 Aug, AT 14:03

‘If you've got 400 gangs, then you’re not being very effective,’ sniffs Acpo chief

London riots vigilante

UK riots: are vigilantes heroes or villains?

Wed 10 Aug, AT 14:52

First reaction: the police don’t like them but some see vigilante groups as heroes of the community

riot police

As UK reels from riots, is it time to use army?

Tue 9 Aug, AT 15:42

First reaction: Comparisons with the 1980s are misleading – there are far deeper causes

Theresa May

Theresa May’s comments over police cuts mocked

Tue 9 Aug, AT 13:45

‘The British public don't resort to violent unrest’ home secretary told police last year while defending cuts

Olympic village

Exposed: the nightmare of the London Olympics

Wed 20 Jul, AT 08:30
Michael Bywater

The debacle of the Murdochs, Brooks and Coulson is foreshadowed in this astounding book

Paul Stephenson Met Police commissioner

Get an army general to take charge of the Met

Tue 19 Jul, AT 08:48
Crispin Black

The police chief does not have to be a copper – for years they appointed military men

John Yates

Yates goes, PM dodges resignation questions

Mon 18 Jul, AT 17:38
The Mole

John Yates follows Stephenson out of the Met as corruption inquiries are ordered

Greg Miskiw

Scoop! Police want to talk to NotW’s Greg Miskiw

Mon 18 Jul, AT 14:19

‘That is what we do - we go out and destroy other people’s lives’ - the world according to Miskiw

David Cameron and Jacob Zuma

Even Tories say Cameron’s head could roll now

Mon 18 Jul, AT 10:38
The Mole

Met police chief Stephenson drops the PM in it, raising speculation that this could go all the way