Metropolitan Police

Good God! Andy Hayman ‘bribes’ denial goes viral

Wed 13 Jul, AT 10:55

MPs call ex-police chief who led phone hacking probe ‘Clouseau’ and a ‘dodgy geezer’ (with video)

John Yates

Yates faces grilling over phone hacking failures

Tue 12 Jul, AT 10:43

MPs are to question the police chief who refused to reopen inquiry into News of the World in 2009

Kate and Gerry McCann

Police watchdog: McCann inquiry ‘ludicrous’

Sun 15 May, AT 15:00

Met Police Authority member says inquiry into gfirl’s disappearance is waste of money - but India Knight defends McCanns

Metropolitan Police at G20 demonstrations

G20 police chief put in charge of royal wedding

Wed 20 Apr, AT 07:10

Bob Broadhurst will hope his royal wedding police operation is more successful than at the G20 protests

Metropolitan Police at G20 demonstrations

Police kettling of peaceful G20 protesters was illegal

Fri 15 Apr, AT 11:32

Thousands could now sue Metropolitan police for false imprisonment