Hugh Orde

Here’s a tactic, Orde: talk to protesters on Twitter

News Thu 27 Jan, AT 14:19

Rather than threatening to use ‘extreme tactics’, the police must deal with protesters on their own terms

Reclaim the Streets demonstration, June 1999

Undercover cop married activist and had children

News Thu 20 Jan, AT 12:39

Green activist 'Laura' says her life was ruined when she fell in love with an undercover policeman

Mark Kennedy aka Mark Stone

Undercover cop breaks his silence on eco-warrior life

News Sun 16 Jan, AT 09:36

But Pc Mark Kennedy denies he ‘went rogue’ after eight years infiltrating eco-activist groups

Mark Kennedy aka Mark Stone

Undercover cop’s Berlin activities questioned

News Tue 11 Jan, AT 10:31

German MP wants to know why Pc Kennedy visited Berlin and ‘had sexual relations’ with left-wing activists

Demonstration at Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station

How to spot an undercover agent in your midst

News Tue 11 Jan, AT 07:41

Is your group safe from undercover cops like Mark Kennedy? Here are the telltale signs...