MI5 told to recruit more middle-aged mums

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Fri 6 Mar, AT 13:03

Women are more 'intuitive' says intelligence report, but Ukip MEP says women should 'stick to changing nappies'

Aimen Dean

MI5 double agent offers rare insight into al-Qaeda and jihad

Tue 3 Mar, AT 12:47

Aimen Dean was recruited by British security and intelligence services to report back on al-Qaeda

Cyber war games

UK and US stage joint 'cyber war games'

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Fri 16 Jan, AT 08:56

Exercises will begin with a simulated attack on the financial sector to test both countries' response to online crime

Armed policeman

MI5 admits it cannot protect UK from every terror attack

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Fri 9 Jan, AT 09:28

Days after Charlie Hebdo attack, MI5 chief gives stark assessment of terrorism threat in the UK

Guantanamo Bay prison

CIA torture report redacted at request of British spies

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Fri 12 Dec, AT 12:38

Downing Street admits information was censored on 'national security grounds', but denies complicity

Lee Rigby’s life ‘could have been saved’: MI5 needs to up its game

Mon 12 May, AT 08:14
Crispin Black

Public have a right to expect MI5 to properly audit procedures and learn from their mistakes quickly

Spy chiefs grilled: PR exercise or triumph for transparency?

Talking Point
Fri 8 Nov, AT 11:10

Forget Skyfall, the real spy chiefs had 'soundbites at the ready' when quizzed in public for first time

Tim Berners-Lee: NSA spying is 'betrayal' of world wide web

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Thu 7 Nov, AT 09:31

Computer scientist speaks out as heads of GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 prepare to answer MPs' surveillance questions

Crispin Black

Spooks vs journalists: terrible over-acting on both sides

Wed 16 Oct, AT 09:19
Crispin Black

It's not new technology or journalistic activism that is making spying more difficult - it's the death of trust

Edward Snowden leaks 'gift' to terrorists says MI5 chief

First Reaction
Wed 9 Oct, AT 09:34

Andrew Parker says NSA whistleblower has caused 'enormous damage' to efforts to thwart jihadists