Guantanamo Bay prison

CIA torture report redacted at request of British spies

One-Minute Read Fri 12 Dec, AT 12:38

Downing Street admits information was censored on 'national security grounds', but denies complicity

Lee Rigby’s life ‘could have been saved’: MI5 needs to up its game

Mon 12 May, AT 08:14 Crispin Black

Public have a right to expect MI5 to properly audit procedures and learn from their mistakes quickly

Spy chiefs grilled: PR exercise or triumph for transparency?

Talking Point Fri 8 Nov, AT 11:10

Forget Skyfall, the real spy chiefs had 'soundbites at the ready' when quizzed in public for first time

Tim Berners-Lee: NSA spying is 'betrayal' of world wide web

One-Minute Read Thu 7 Nov, AT 09:31

Computer scientist speaks out as heads of GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 prepare to answer MPs' surveillance questions

Crispin Black

Spooks vs journalists: terrible over-acting on both sides

Wed 16 Oct, AT 09:19 Crispin Black

It's not new technology or journalistic activism that is making spying more difficult - it's the death of trust

Edward Snowden leaks 'gift' to terrorists says MI5 chief

First Reaction Wed 9 Oct, AT 09:34

Andrew Parker says NSA whistleblower has caused 'enormous damage' to efforts to thwart jihadists

Crispin Black

Is MI5 planning dirty tricks to stop Scottish independence?

Tue 11 Jun, AT 07:46 Crispin Black

Is Margo MacDonald being paranoid – or just preparing excuses for the inevitable referendum defeat?

Woolwich: ex-MI5 chief warns public 'enemy is everywhere'

Summary Tue 28 May, AT 09:18

Stella Rimington's 'eyes and ears' call comes as tensions rise in the wake of Drummer Lee Rigby's killing

Michael Adebolajo

Should MI5 have seen Michael Adebolajo was a likely killer?

Talking Point Fri 24 May, AT 10:36

As the media ask awkward questions, one former agent says 'lone wolf' attacks are hard to foresee

Were Woolwich killers known to MI5? Cameron doesn't deny it

Thu 23 May, AT 13:20 The Mole

Prime Minister says there will be no 'knee-jerk reaction' to brutal killing and life must go on as normal