Alexander Litvinenko inquiry: what we have learned so far

Summary Tue 3 Feb, AT 15:55

Inquiry continues to hear 'some of the most astonishing evidence ever given in an English courtroom'

Guantanamo Bay prison

CIA torture report redacted at request of British spies

One-Minute Read Fri 12 Dec, AT 12:38

Downing Street admits information was censored on 'national security grounds', but denies complicity

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un

North Korean military warns UK over Channel 4 drama

One-Minute Read Tue 2 Sep, AT 15:50

Pyongyang calls the fictional thriller a 'politically motivated provocation' backed by Downing Street

Sir Richard Dearlove, the former Head Of SIS

Isis threat to UK blown out of proportion, says ex-MI6 chief

One-Minute Read Tue 8 Jul, AT 10:41

Conflict 'essentially one of Muslim on Muslim' with West no longer main target, says Richard Dearlove

Islamic Jihadists in training

MI6: 'Impossible' to track jihadists returning to UK

One-Minute Read Mon 23 Jun, AT 08:36

UK security services will have to prioritise who they track, says former M16 director Richard Barrett

Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams: MI6 spy's death 'probably an accident'

One-Minute Read Wed 13 Nov, AT 14:45

Conclusion of three-year police investigation contradicts coroner's theory of unlawful killing

Spy chiefs grilled: PR exercise or triumph for transparency?

Talking Point Fri 8 Nov, AT 11:10

Forget Skyfall, the real spy chiefs had 'soundbites at the ready' when quizzed in public for first time

Al-Qaida 'lapping up' reports of Snowden leaks says MI6 boss

One-Minute Read Thu 7 Nov, AT 16:19

Media coverage of leaked documents is making work of British spies 'far, far harder' MPs are told

Tim Berners-Lee: NSA spying is 'betrayal' of world wide web

One-Minute Read Thu 7 Nov, AT 09:31

Computer scientist speaks out as heads of GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 prepare to answer MPs' surveillance questions

Crispin Black

Cameron is not the first PM to be seduced by intelligence services

Fri 23 Aug, AT 10:58 Crispin Black

The government would do well to consider what intelligence activities are really necessary today