Michael Bloomberg

PM David Cameron and HM Queen Elizabeth II
25 Sep, 2014

PM is 'embarrassed ' and 'extremely sorry' after revealing how Queen reacted to Scotland vote

A convenience store shooting in the Bronx
08 Aug, 2014

Gunman who didn't even spill his drink while shooting his victim raises questions about more relaxed policing

Charles Laurence
22 Apr, 2014

The US is no longer a democracy – it's an oligarchy, says an academic study. And Bloomberg proves it

24 Jul, 2013

Should we feel sorry for Huma Abedin, wife of sex-obsessed Anthony Weiner? Or is ambition getting the better of her?

01 Feb, 2013

The Big Apple's brash, irrepressible mayor has died at 88, leaving an immense legacy

05 Nov, 2012

Analysis of the all-important Electoral College votes points to President Obama winning tomorrow

Rudolf Giuliani
04 Nov, 2012

Former New York mayor says Obama failed in aftermath of superstorm, but is it too late?

02 Nov, 2012

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg throws his weight behind the President. Will it make a difference?