Michael Douglas

29 Aug, 2013

Hollywood stars say they will be "taking some time apart" as friend claims ill-health has "taken toll"

11 Jun, 2013

Jon Stewart's 'summer fill-in' provides hard, juicy satire during his debut as host of iconic US show

07 Jun, 2013

Michael Douglas gives one of his best performances: shame he won't be able to compete for an Oscar

04 Jun, 2013

Michael never meant it THAT way, and Rhys had a reason to be grumpy. Why can’t PRs tell it like it is?

Michael Douglas
03 Jun, 2013

But actor's claim that more oral sex is the 'best cure' for his throat cancer raises eyebrows

22 May, 2013

Critics hail veteran star's camp, tacky turn in 'Behind the Candelabra' as landmark role

29 Apr, 2013

President plays actor playing himself in sketch for White House Correspondents' Association

09 Apr, 2013

A trailer for Behind the Candelabra - the movie that was 'too gay' for Hollywood - has been released

07 Jan, 2013

Studios refused to fund Behind the Candelabra starring Matt Damon and Michael Douglas

15 Jun, 2012

Red top tales: Hip hop rivals 'turn NY nightclub into war-zone', Cheryl Cole spends night with naked girls