Michael Gove

17 Jul, 2015

Justice secretary to outline plans to overhaul the prison education system in order to reduce reoffending

Michael Gove leaves Downing St after losing job as Eductation Secretary
23 Jun, 2015

Poorest in society are 'at the mercy of this creaking and dysfunctional system', says Justice Secretary

01 Jun, 2015

Tory cabinet suffers first post-election split while Yvette Cooper turns on Labour rivals

Theresa May and Michael Gove
01 Jun, 2015

David Cameron rules out withdrawal from the convention, despite opposition from his most senior colleagues

The Mole
03 Apr, 2015

The more seats the SNP can take from the Labour, the better the chances of Cameron remaining PM

10 Feb, 2015

Conservative bigwigs and extravagant holidays sold off to the super-rich at party election fundraiser

The Mole
06 Feb, 2015

Labour high command will be flabbergasted by his honesty: will he now come to Clegg’s defence?

The Mole
02 Feb, 2015

But PM's line on academies and Three Rs comes straight from Gove – who proved ‘toxic’ with mums

President Putin Singing
04 Nov, 2014

Norman Baker wants to focus on his band The Reform Club, but he’s not the only pop star politician

 PM David Cameron
22 Sep, 2014

After promising Scotland more powers, PM needs to reach a fair constitutional settlement for UK