Michael Gove

11 Sep, 2014

Michael Gove urges British people to speak out against wave of anti-Jewish sentiment sweeping the continent

Kids take their school meals
02 Sep, 2014

Scheme will create a 'level playing field' among pupils, but others argue the money could have been better spent

New leader of the British National Party Adam Walker
22 Jul, 2014

Incoming BNP leader Adam Walker received a suspended jail sentence and a lifetime ban from teaching

17 Jul, 2014

Senior Tory peer furious at lack of Cabinet rank for Lady Stowell: and Mrs Gove isn't impressed either

16 Jul, 2014

Few politicians today have had real, demanding jobs before entering politics – and it shows

Education Secretary Michael Gove is called in to Downing Street
15 Jul, 2014

Cameron gives government a feminine makeover in an effort to win the 2015 general election

Michael Gove leaves Downing St after losing job as Eductation Secretary
15 Jul, 2014

Cull of 'pale, male and stale' Tories makes room for women in largest reshuffle to date

Theresa May and Michael Gove
08 Jun, 2014

Ministers have fought in public over allegations of a failure to tackle Islamist extremism in schools