Michael Gove

07 Jun, 2014

Education secretary bids to raise standards 'higher than ever before'

The Mole
04 Jun, 2014

While BBC man adds spice to the row by alleging an affair between two officials involved

26 May, 2014

Education secretary wants more British-focused syllabus for English Literature courses

Murdered school teacher Ann Maguire
29 Apr, 2014

Suspect described as a high-achieving, middle-class schoolboy who had become increasingly withdrawn

15 Mar, 2014

Number of old boys 'preposterous' says education secretary

03 Feb, 2014

Write out 100 times: for every parent who dislikes his Thatcherite tone, there’s another who agrees about the Three Rs

03 Feb, 2014

As Tory donor is tipped to replace Labour Ofsted chair, talk grows of 'full-blown' conflict in government

Michael Gove
03 Feb, 2014

The Education Secretary must stop fighting 'The Blob' and listen to education experts, says Sir David Bell

Blackadder goes forth
06 Jan, 2014

World War One rumpus rumbles on as Sir Tony Robinson accuses Gove of ‘slagging off teachers’

02 Oct, 2013

'Don't you dare lecture anyone on the NHS again,' he threatens Labour – before heaping praise on his team