Leveson on warpath after Indy editor slams his 'diatribe'

Thu 30 Aug, AT 09:45 The Mole

Chris Blackhurst goes public on letter from Leveson trailing his media ethics inquiry findings

Richard Ehrman

If PM insists on keeping Osborne, where will the boost come from?

Tue 28 Aug, AT 07:58 Richard Ehrman

This is Cameron's chance to bring new faces into his cabinet – he needs to make the most of it

Schools face closure as strict GCSE targets are introduced

One-Minute Read Thu 23 Aug, AT 09:04

Exam results out today, but efforts to curb grade inflation could affect pass rates

School playing field decision 'is another Olympic own-goal'

Talking Point Wed 15 Aug, AT 15:26

The government has relaxed regulations on how much outdoor space schools must provide


How to help UK economy: give every family back £1,000

Opinion digest Wed 15 Aug, AT 11:08

Opinion Digest: post-Olympic stimulus, and a pre-A-levels pep talk from the Education Secretary

Australia's Olympic failure: a wake-up call for Team GB

Point of View Tue 7 Aug, AT 08:26

Only 12 years since the euphoria of Sydney, Australia is way down the Olympic medals table

Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch considers News Corp split: what does it mean?

First Post Tue 26 Jun, AT 13:52

Hiving off the newspapers from the profitable film and TV business would please shareholders and stop the rot


Leveson denies 'hidden agenda' to stifle press freedom

Mon 25 Jun, AT 15:06 The Mole

But he admits contacting Cabinet Secretary to ask whether Gove's speech reflected government thinking


Welfare: new blue Cameron seeks to out-Thatcher Maggie

Mon 25 Jun, AT 09:45 The Mole

Revelation of 'Let Down by Dave' bloc sees David Cameron abandoning compassionate Conservatism