Michael Howard

Michael Howard strikes oil deal with war-torn Somalia

One-Minute Read Wed 7 Aug, AT 12:58

Former Tory leader signs deal for Soma Oil and Gas during his first visit to Mogadishu


Europhiles get the jitters as anti-EU talk gains momentum

Mon 19 Nov, AT 11:22 The Mole

Ken Clarke and Ed Miliband speak up for Europe as all signs point to the Tories taking a populist right turn


Tories split over whether to hire Lynton Crosby to run election

Tue 30 Oct, AT 10:10 The Mole

Editor and proprietor of ConservativeHome at odds over the contentious Aussie spin doctor

Gategate: Andrew Mitchell fails to deny calling police ‘plebs’

Mon 24 Sep, AT 12:10 The Mole

Chief Whip’s statement to the press falls well short of the denial expected. This could run and run


'Fire at will' shows why Tories will not miss Steve Hilton

Tue 22 May, AT 08:14 The Mole

Tories might wish they could fire Cable at will, but the outgoing No 10 policy guru got them into this mess