Michael Schumacher

Jules Bianchi

F1: Bianchi out of coma, but Schumacher wheelchair-bound

Thu 20 Nov, AT 12:57

News of stricken drivers' conditions emerges ahead of season finale in Abu Dhabi this weekend

Michael Schumacher

Schumacher out of hospital but is 'cynical' update misleading?

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Mon 16 Jun, AT 12:47

Formula 1 legend to continue rehabilitation in Switzerland, but his condition may not have changed

Schumacher: do 'moments of consciousness' mean recovery?

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Fri 4 Apr, AT 14:02

Latest news on condition of F1 legend is 'superb' but his chances remain slight

Schumacher: hope fades as F1 medic highlights 'errors'

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Wed 26 Mar, AT 13:43

Gary Hartstein says there is 'less and less' chance of recovery, but denies blaming hospital staff

Schumacher: 'small signs' of waking, but will he recover?

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Wed 12 Mar, AT 12:07

Rare statement from family gives glimmer of hope on the eve of the new Formula 1 season

Michael Schumacher quits Formula 1

Michael Schumacher is 'slowly' being woken from coma

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Thu 30 Jan, AT 13:37

Manager confirms that former F1 champion is regaining consciousness

Michael Schumacher 'won't be the same' if he ever exits coma

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Fri 17 Jan, AT 13:37

Brain injury expert warns F1 champ will be 'completely different person' if he survives skiing accident

Michael Schumacher quits Formula 1

Schumacher 'off piste', but equipment didn't fail, say investigators

Wed 8 Jan, AT 11:18

Investigators provide more detail about F1 champion's skiing accident

Sebastian Vettel

Vettel wins again, but German could be killing off Formula 1

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Mon 18 Nov, AT 12:24

Eight straight wins for the Red Bull driver make the sport boring and predictable

Ford India apologises for Berlusconi bondage advert

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Mon 25 Mar, AT 15:02

'You don't do this when a whole nation is angry about rape' say activists after appearance of Ford Figo ads