Michael Winterbottom

Emperor's New Clothes: Russell Brand's election polemic

First Reaction
Thu 23 Apr, AT 12:11

Brand stokes fury at our political system, but 'compelling' documentary is undermined by 'meaningless nonsense'

Ah-ha! Steve Coogan can't escape Partridge's shadow

First Reaction
Wed 17 Apr, AT 10:15

He plays a porn king in 'The Look of Love' but a certain Radio Norwich DJ comes back to haunt him

Steve Coogan shines as Soho porn king Paul Raymond

First Reaction
Mon 21 Jan, AT 12:01

Sundance Film Festival: Coogan gives Alan Partridge the slip to play King of Soho in 'The Look of Love'


Winterbottom's Trishna takes Hardy's tragic Tess to India

Hot Ticket
Thu 8 Mar, AT 08:45

Freida Pinto brings a fragile dignity to this seductive study of male-female relationships