Michelle Obama

Barack Obama addresses the Democratic convention in Charlotte, North Carolina

Obama finds Bill Clinton and Michelle hard acts to follow

First Reaction
Fri 7 Sep, AT 11:19

President fails to soar to the rhetorical heights expected of him at the Democratic convention


Michelle Obama speech didn't do women any favours

Opinion digest
Thu 6 Sep, AT 11:47

Opinion Digest: female pols pushed to sidelines, plus opposing views of Tory economic strategy

'Mom-in-chief' Michelle Obama wins battle of political wives

First Reaction
Wed 5 Sep, AT 09:23

First Lady's attack on Mitt Romney at Democratic convention was devastating - without mentioning him once

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton

Will Clinton do a Clint Eastwood at Obama’s convention?

Media Watch
Mon 3 Sep, AT 07:53

It all depends on who you believe on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina

The Olympic hurdles facing Mitt Romney in London

Mon 23 Jul, AT 15:00

Olympics, tax avoidance and the politics of austerity could trip up the Republican hopeful on his UK visit

Did Barack Obama make an oral sex joke about Michelle?

The Tabloids
Fri 8 Jun, AT 14:32

Red top tales: US president quips about wife 'going down', Playboy reveals who calls for sex chat most

Britain's Got Talent winner Pudsey is gay

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Mon 14 May, AT 12:19

Red top tales: BGT dog's 'secret gay lover', Gary Glitter's royalties, the Queen's underpants sale

Adam Sandler in extraordinary Razzies clean sweep

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Mon 2 Apr, AT 13:52

Red top tales: Sandler wins every single Razzie award, One Direction reject Mrs Obama date