Michelle Obama

  • Obamas
    25 Nov, 2009

    But the day is spoilt by the bizarre monkey image Google refuses to remove

  • Berlusconi meets the Obamas
    28 Sep, 2009

    Berlusconi returns to Italy from Pittsburgh claiming to bring greetings from the American President - despite a snub from Michelle

  • Barack Obama
    25 Sep, 2009

    As well as providing juicy titbits about the Obama marriage, a new book supports the right-wing theory that the president needed help to produce ‘Dreams From My Father’

  • Michelle Obama
    14 Sep, 2009

    But is the First Lady being sent on a mission impossible?

  • Barack Obama; Michelle Obama; Angela Merkel
    20 Aug, 2009

    The German chancellor takes the title for the fourth year running, while Hillary Clinton is in 36th spot in the Forbes magazine power list

  • 07 Jul, 2009

    But will he choose to stay in the area favoured by celebrities or the black elite?

  • Michelle Obama gardening
    23 Jun, 2009

    Italian academics organise protest against their 'sexist' PM, Silvio Berlusconi

  • Michelle Obama; Sasha Obama; Malia Obama
    15 Jun, 2009

    Michelle Obama pulled out all the stops to make her Europe trip with Sasha and Malia a success

  • Michelle Obama
    09 Jun, 2009

    The First Daughters get fish and chips and a rare tour of Big Ben

  • The Obama family
    04 Jun, 2009

    Another expensive private date, and this time it's a family affair

  • Barack and Michelle Obama
    01 Jun, 2009

    Republican rivals have accused the First Couple of wasting taxpayers’ money on a Saturday night out that reportedly cost around $75,000

  • Michelle Obama gardening
    23 Apr, 2009

    America’s agribusiness lobby frets over organic vegetable plot at the White House

  • 20 Jan, 2009

    Michelle Obama has hired Michael Smith, a Hollywood interior designer, to spruce up the White House, says Charles Laurence