Michelle Obama

25 Nov, 2009

But the day is spoilt by the bizarre monkey image Google refuses to remove

Berlusconi meets the Obamas
28 Sep, 2009

Berlusconi returns to Italy from Pittsburgh claiming to bring greetings from the American President - despite a snub from Michelle

Barack Obama
25 Sep, 2009

As well as providing juicy titbits about the Obama marriage, a new book supports the right-wing theory that the president needed help to produce ‘Dreams From My Father’

Michelle Obama
14 Sep, 2009

But is the First Lady being sent on a mission impossible?

Barack Obama; Michelle Obama; Angela Merkel
20 Aug, 2009

The German chancellor takes the title for the fourth year running, while Hillary Clinton is in 36th spot in the Forbes magazine power list

07 Jul, 2009

But will he choose to stay in the area favoured by celebrities or the black elite?

Michelle Obama gardening
23 Jun, 2009

Italian academics organise protest against their 'sexist' PM, Silvio Berlusconi

Michelle Obama; Sasha Obama; Malia Obama
15 Jun, 2009

Michelle Obama pulled out all the stops to make her Europe trip with Sasha and Malia a success