Mick Jagger

Keith Richards

Rolling Stones electrify London as they celebrate their 50th

Talking Point
Mon 26 Nov, AT 10:08

Mick Jagger and his bandmates mark anniversary with star-studded show that leaves critics raving

Rolling Stones lure Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor back on stage

One-Minute Read
Thu 22 Nov, AT 10:32

Veteran rockers will be reunited with their former band-mates at upcoming London concerts

Mick Jagger

Biography claims Jagger had affair with Bowie 'to stay hot'

One-Minute Read
Tue 10 Jul, AT 12:45

When Bowie's wife found him in bed with Jagger, she 'asked if they wanted coffee'

Sunday papers

Harry Styles branded a 'rat' by husband of teenager’s lover

Sunday Papers
Sun 1 Jul, AT 11:08

From the Sunday papers: husband’s tale, Tom Cruise’s unlucky number and Tony Blair in denial

Russia trains space lizards to 'boldly gecko' into orbit

The Tabloids
Fri 16 Mar, AT 10:06

Red top tales: reptiles to be blasted into space, stable lad wins £1m

Baracl Obama sings the blues

Blues man Obama sings with BB King and Buddy Guy

Wed 22 Feb, AT 12:37

President shows off vocal talents with Sweet Home Chicago at White House concert (video)

Mick Jagger

Jagger's Cameron snub: why politics and showbiz don't mix

Talking Point
Thu 26 Jan, AT 11:50

Mick Jagger might know a thing or two about money, but celebrity endorsements are always a bad idea

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger becomes latest rock star to reject Cameron

One-Minute Read
Wed 25 Jan, AT 08:16

Rolling Stones frontman pulls out of Davos tea party after suggestions he is a 'closet Tory'

Mick Jagger and Rupert Murdoch

Is Jagger about to play ‘Murdoch’ in new film?

Wed 28 Sep, AT 16:55

Mick Jagger is reportedly considering playing a ‘global media mogul with dubious morality’