Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3 review: a tablet to replace your laptop?

Tue 5 May, AT 14:30

Laptop-tablet hybrid does a passable impression of both devices, but is still no match for the purebreds, reviewers say

Bill Gates

Bill Gates: Artificial Intelligence is a threat to humans

One-Minute Read
Fri 30 Jan, AT 11:28

'I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence', says Microsoft founder

Columnist Edie Lush

Women's pay: Microsoft boss Nadella wasn't all wrong

Tue 14 Oct, AT 09:18
Edie Lush

Microsoft CEO was right to apologise for his comments but research shows it pays women to stick at their jobs

Windows 10

Windows 10: Preview of the new operating system

Wed 1 Oct, AT 10:40

Why is Microsoft's new software called Windows 10? Because Windows 7 ate 9

Microsoft swallows Mojang: the cynics have got it wrong

Thu 18 Sep, AT 08:55
Edie Lush

Minecraft developer was proud of its independence – but the tiny company couldn't take it any further

Microsoft's former CEO and chairman Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer: hits and misses from the Microsoft chairman

Talking Point
Wed 20 Aug, AT 12:36

Microsoft's former CEO and chairman will be remembered as much for his failures as his successes

Apple logo

Why Apple is cosying up to former rival IBM

First Reaction
Wed 16 Jul, AT 12:39

Apple and IBM's plan to co-produce apps will trouble rivals Microsoft, Google and Blackberry, say analysts

A Windows Phone 7

Android and Microsoft create mobile 'kill switch'

One-Minute Read
Fri 20 Jun, AT 11:34

Kill switches aim to deter thieves by rendering stolen mobile devices useless

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet with detachable keyboard

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 targets iPad and MacBook - reviews

Wed 21 May, AT 15:56

Third time's 'almost a charm' say reviewers of the new Surface Pro 3 tablet

Project Morpheus: How Sony's PS4 headset could transform gaming

One-Minute Read
Wed 19 Mar, AT 15:02

Sony's new 3D headset for the PS4, codenamed Project Morpheus, will immerse players in a virtual gaming world