The new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet with detachable keyboard
21 May, 2014

Third time's 'almost a charm' say reviewers of the new Surface Pro 3 tablet

19 Mar, 2014

Sony's new 3D headset for the PS4, codenamed Project Morpheus, will immerse players in a virtual gaming world

05 Feb, 2014

Opting for scientists and engineers is a growing trend in the world of tech, says David Henderson

05 Feb, 2014

Bill Gates endorses Nadella, but some say his presence will undermine confidence in the new boss

Google Glass
02 Jan, 2014

Will Google Glass see the light of day? Will Surface re-surface? A tech lecturer offers his predictions

07 Apr, 2015

Hot on the heels of opening the first regulated Bitcoin exchange in the US, Coinbase hopes to set up shop in the UK

Computer hacker
18 Nov, 2013

Search engines clear up results for over 100,000 terms that might relate to child abuse

03 Sep, 2013

Both have struggled to compete in the smartphone market but deal could help them take on Apple

11 Jun, 2013

Sony one-ups Microsoft by making PS4 £80 cheaper than Xbox One and enabling second-hand games

11 Jun, 2013

Microsoft founder acquires 3.2% of firm as it battles for its reputation after Olympic fiasco