Microsoft fined half-a-billion euros over browser choice

One-Minute Read
Wed 6 Mar, AT 16:11

Computer giant punished for omitting a single line of code from Windows 7 update

Sony PS4 launch: nice graphics but what about the console?

Talking Point
Thu 21 Feb, AT 14:33

'Smoke and mirrors' presentation in New York fails to reveal what PS4 will look like

Samsung profits soar by 76% as rival Apple suffers headache

Fri 25 Jan, AT 09:25

Galaxy smartphones power Samsung growth – but company still puts a ceiling on capital spending

Another crack in mighty Apple brand: good or bad news?

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Tue 18 Dec, AT 11:46

Phone sales stutter, software misfires, rivals get cleverer – at least lower share price makes Apple a bargain

Steve Wozniak

Apple is losing lead over rivals, says co-founder Steve Wozniak

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Mon 3 Dec, AT 11:46

Microsoft and Google are challenging Apple's dominance of the tech gadget market

Wii U reviews: Nintendo's GamePad gets thumbs-up

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Fri 30 Nov, AT 14:05

Once again, Nintendo has produced a game-changing console, but can the Wii U compete with PS4?

Apple boss knocks Microsoft's Surface tablet – without using it

First Reaction
Fri 26 Oct, AT 13:53

Tim Cook calls it a confused product - but others love the 'sleek' device, if not its 'clumsy' software

Samsung unveils new devices as Windows 8 launch nears

Talking Point
Tue 16 Oct, AT 13:19

Samsung latest to launch Windows 8 hybrid devices as Microsoft plans marketing push

Malicious worm on Skype lets hackers hold PCs to ransom

One-Minute Read
Wed 10 Oct, AT 14:20

Clicking on an instant message on Skype could result in you being locked out of your own computer