29 Jun, 2012

Canadian smartphone inventor nears 'breaking point' as 5,000 job cuts are announced

21 Jun, 2012

Nokia, Samsung, and HTC will support the new Microsoft operating system which will be released in October

Microsoft Surface
19 Jun, 2012

Tech giant moves into hardware with tablet it hopes will beat Apple

15 May, 2012

Russian company has won the backing of Microsoft as it develops anti-piracy technology

Barnes & Noble
01 May, 2012

Huge $605 million investment will help Nook compete against Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad boss Jeff Bezos with '69 astronout Buzz Aldrin
29 Mar, 2012

Saturn V launcher located underwater as Bezos joins ranks of super-rich science adventurers

02 Dec, 2011

The browser has knocked Firefox into third place and could challenge Internet Explorer

Google Editions
22 Sep, 2011

Business digest: Chairman tells senators company has learnt lessons from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows
22 Jul, 2011

Business digest: But shares fall at world’s largest software maker as online division flounders

04 Jul, 2011

Business digest: agreement gives Microsoft access to 470 million internet users