Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 2000
One-Minute Read
31 Mar, 2011

Billionaire Paul Allen still can’t get over being shafted by Bill Gates more than 25 years ago

One-Minute Read
11 Feb, 2011

Business digest: Smartphone market is now a three-horse race, says CEO Stephen Elop

One-Minute Read
02 Feb, 2011

Bing results look like a 'stale version of Google results', claims search giant

Apple iPad
One-Minute Read
13 Jan, 2011

Tech giants squabble over whether ‘app store’ has become a generic term

Microsoft Windows
One-Minute Read
06 Jan, 2011

New design allows full operating system to run on a mobile device

One-Minute Read
19 Oct, 2010

Business Digest: Shares fall as Ray Ozzie becomes the latest Microsoft deserter

Windows phones
One-Minute Read
12 Oct, 2010

Appearance at Microsoft’s London launch of new smartphone OS is publicity coup of the year

Sony backed Blu-ray
One-Minute Read
27 Sep, 2010

Stephen McGill, UK boss of Xbox and entertainment says Sony’s format is dead

One-Minute Read
13 Sep, 2010

The final work in Bungie’s Halo opus draws near-unanimous praise