Sony backed Blu-ray
27 Sep, 2010

Stephen McGill, UK boss of Xbox and entertainment says Sony’s format is dead

13 Sep, 2010

The final work in Bungie’s Halo opus draws near-unanimous praise

10 Sep, 2010

Business Digest: Change comes as Nokia fails to make headway in the tough smartphone market

Apple iPad/iSlate/iTablet
27 May, 2010

But on the eve of the iPad's UK launch, the antitrust suits are piling up...

Apple iPhone 3GS
16 Mar, 2010

Microsoft chief blesses a lawsuit against a Google ally while a web guru attacks ‘Disneyfied’, litigious Apple

11 Feb, 2010

Do Bill Gates’s comments on Apple’s iPad offer any clues about Microsoft’s Courier tablet?

Apple iPad/iSlate/iTablet
02 Feb, 2010

Steve Jobs’s rant against Google suggests Apple now see it as more of a threat than Microsoft

Bill Gates in 1977 and 2009
26 Jan, 2010

As search engine optimisation guru offers Gates advice on how to improve his blog, has the Microsoft founder lost his touch?

Stephen Gately
01 Dec, 2009

The late Michael Jackson was only the 10th most popular topic in Britain, behind the deaths of both Stephen Gately and Jade Goody

01 Dec, 2009

A tie-in between Windows 7 and Family Guy was cancelled last month. Now we can see why...