One-Minute Read
28 Oct, 2009

After a monumental marketing miscalculation, Microsoft has cancelled a tie-in between animated sitcom Family Guy and Windows 7

One-Minute Read
16 Oct, 2009

Search giant posts big profits thanks to the recovery and changes in consumer behaviour

One-Minute Read
30 Jul, 2009

Alliance comes after two years of attempts by Microsoft to buy into its weaker rival's search business

One-Minute Read
29 Jul, 2009

The software giants are set to put in place a partnership in their online businesses that could threaten Google’s dominance

One-Minute Read
19 Jun, 2009

New search engine Bing helps technology giant push its share of the market up by a third

One-Minute Read
29 May, 2009

Software giant hopes that Bing search engine will help it regain ground lost to industry leader Google

One-Minute Read
23 Oct, 2008

Chinese PC users are angry at Microsoft’s draconian anti-piracy software, says Linton Chiswick