Apple iPad/iSlate/iTablet

Apple and Google fall out over mobile internet

Tue 2 Feb, AT 15:08

Steve Jobs’s rant against Google suggests Apple now see it as more of a threat than Microsoft

Bill Gates in 1977 and 2009

Does Bill Gates know anything about computers?

Tue 26 Jan, AT 18:15

As search engine optimisation guru offers Gates advice on how to improve his blog, has the Microsoft founder lost his touch?

Stephen Gately

Gately tops Google UK’s 2009 trend list

Tue 1 Dec, AT 15:34

The late Michael Jackson was only the 10th most popular topic in Britain, behind the deaths of both Stephen Gately and Jade Goody

The horror: Windows 7 Family Guy clips panned

Tue 1 Dec, AT 15:11

A tie-in between Windows 7 and Family Guy was cancelled last month. Now we can see why...

Rupert Murdoch

Microsoft deal would pay for Murdoch’s news

Mon 23 Nov, AT 07:38

News Corp threatens to cut out Google and do a deal with Bing search engine instead

Google Chrome OS

Chrome OS launches - but consumers have to wait

Fri 20 Nov, AT 13:36

Google’s new operating system Chrome OS has many problems to iron out before it rivals Windows 7

Family Guy proves too un-PC for Microsoft

Wed 28 Oct, AT 15:50

After a monumental marketing miscalculation, Microsoft has cancelled a tie-in between animated sitcom Family Guy and Windows 7


Dominant Google leads the way out of recession

Fri 16 Oct, AT 15:41

Search giant posts big profits thanks to the recovery and changes in consumer behaviour