Windows phones

Apple fanboy Stephen Fry boosts Windows Phone 7

News Tue 12 Oct, AT 13:35

Appearance at Microsoft’s London launch of new smartphone OS is publicity coup of the year

Sony backed Blu-ray

‘Who needs Blu-ray?’ asks Microsoft executive

News Mon 27 Sep, AT 15:25

Stephen McGill, UK boss of Xbox and entertainment says Sony’s format is dead

Halo: Reach reviewers go crazy for Bungie swansong

News Mon 13 Sep, AT 16:56

The final work in Bungie’s Halo opus draws near-unanimous praise


Nokia appoints Microsoft man as new CEO

News Fri 10 Sep, AT 12:09

Business Digest: Change comes as Nokia fails to make headway in the tough smartphone market

Apple iPad/iSlate/iTablet

Apple overtakes Microsoft to become biggest tech co

News Thu 27 May, AT 11:53

But on the eve of the iPad's UK launch, the antitrust suits are piling up...

Apple iPhone 3GS

Google v Apple: ‘it’s World War III’

News Tue 16 Mar, AT 21:46

Microsoft chief blesses a lawsuit against a Google ally while a web guru attacks ‘Disneyfied’, litigious Apple