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Middle East

Nicolas Sarkozy cannot bear 'liar' Netanyahu

One-Minute Read
Tue 8 Nov, AT 11:50

French President's frank exchange with Barack Obama was overheard by journalists at the G20 summit

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Uprising in Saudi Arabia? America won’t allow it

Fri 7 Oct, AT 08:55
Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn: There’ll be little talk in Washington of democracy in action if Shia protests catch hold

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup

Qatar World Cup games to be in three 30min periods?

Thu 7 Jul, AT 11:31

Stadium developer says Fifa would consider changes if temperatures got dangerously high

musa kusa moussa koussa defection libya

Where is high-level Libyan ‘defector’ Moussa Koussa?

Sun 3 Apr, AT 15:37

Foreign minister has been out of limelight since he arrived in the UK. Why?

Cairo protests

Middle East: what chance another leader falling?

Fri 18 Feb, AT 15:51
Venetia Rainey

Briefing: A summary of those countries where, post-Mubarak, people power is gaining strength