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Middle East

Protesters die as Bahrain police storm Pearl Square

Thu 17 Feb, AT 12:16
Venetia Rainey

At least four people were killed and hundreds injured when police broke up campers today (with video)

Egypt protests Tahrir square

Mubarak’s defiance stuns Egypt and the world

Fri 11 Feb, AT 07:56

What they are saying about Mubarak’s refusal to go and the risk of violence today

muslim brotherhood

Does the West need to fear the Muslim Brotherhood?

Mon 7 Feb, AT 15:21
Venetia Rainey

Briefing: From its roots as a social organisation, it could soon share power in an Egyptian government

palestine wall

The Palestine Papers: why the leak is so serious

Tue 25 Jan, AT 12:55
Venetia Rainey

Briefing: The leak of 1,600 documents spells doom for the Middle East peace process