Ayatollah Fadlallah and Frances Guy

UK ambassador’s blog praising ayatollah removed

News Fri 9 Jul, AT 15:20

Frances Guy becomes second woman in a week to come a cropper for praising Ayatollah Fadlallah

Baroness Ashton, EU Representative for Foreign Affairs

Baroness Ashton flies in to Gaza as EU sneers

News Thu 18 Mar, AT 15:29

The EU 'foreign minister' is facing her biggest test yet – and many hope she will fail

Burj Khalifa

Mystery of Burj Khalifa visitors stuck in lift

News Wed 10 Feb, AT 10:09

Dubai authorities offer minimal response after lift passengers’ terrifying ordeal

Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama

Obama’s Middle East breakthrough? Dream on

News Thu 27 Aug, AT 08:52

Our correspondent reports from Ramallah and Jesusalem on the reality behind the high-falutin diplomacy

Naomi Klein in the West Bank

Naomi Klein takes the boycott to Israel

News Tue 7 Jul, AT 18:22

Despite being an ardent proponent of the ‘boycott Israel’ campaign, Naomi Klein has been speaking in Israel to promote the Hebrew edition of her latest book