Milly Dowler

Can David Cameron be trusted over press regulation?

Wed 3 Jul, AT 14:37
The Mole

Phone-hacking victims dismayed that PM appears to prefer newspapers' own plan for regulator


Cameron splits House by refusing to back Lord Leveson all the way

Thu 29 Nov, AT 16:03
The Mole

Labour plan to force a vote before end of January; 'It's not what the public expect of us,' says Joan Ruddock

David Laws, Bob Diamond, Rebekah Brooks

Diamond and the big quitters - how long does it take?

Deja Vu
Wed 4 Jul, AT 14:12

Six days of sustained pressure was enough to see off Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond


Rupert Murdoch admits cover-up but blames his employees for it

Thu 26 Apr, AT 13:53
The Mole

'I was the victim - it's cost me hundreds of millions of pounds,' a vicious Murdoch tells Leveson

Rupert Murdoch

Too close for comfort: lawyer takes Murdoch fight to New York

First Post
Thu 12 Apr, AT 07:54

London lawyer Mark Lewis takes victims' legal fight to the doorstep of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp

Dowlers tell Leveson Inquiry of false hopes and intrusion

One-Minute Read
Mon 21 Nov, AT 14:43

The parents of Milly Dowler thought she was still alive after her phone was hacked

James Murdoch

Murdoch payout: is BSkyB deal the hidden agenda?

Tue 20 Sep, AT 10:32
The Mole

Settlement comes after Simon Hughes asks if James Murdoch is fit to hold a broadcasting licence

Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch pays £3m-plus to atone for Dowler hacking

Tue 20 Sep, AT 08:26

Huge payout raises the bar for compensation – but how will it go down with News Corp’s shareholders?