Ministry of Defence

Two RAF Typhoon fighter jets in action

RAF fighter jets scrambled to intercept Russian warplanes

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Thu 24 Apr, AT 10:33

Typhoon fighter jets sent to investigate Russian long-range bombers approaching UK airspace

Crispin Black

Boot out armchair generals who led us to Afghan defeat

Mon 7 Apr, AT 08:01
Crispin Black

Let the veterans of Helmand take over the army - we might stand a chance of winning next time

Heatwave linked to deaths of soldiers in Brecon Beacons

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Mon 15 Jul, AT 12:14

MOD investigating if high temperatures caused death of men in 'full kit' taking part in SAS exercise

Trident: Westminster accused of bullying Scotland over base

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Thu 11 Jul, AT 09:22

SNP outraged by MoD plan to make Scottish nuclear submarine base a sovereign UK territory

Army won't be able to win wars if cuts continue, general warns

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Fri 14 Jun, AT 10:16

Gen Sir Peter Wall intervenes as Treasury and MoD negotiate further spending cuts

Afghanistan war

IED kills three British troops in Helmand province

First Reaction
Wed 1 May, AT 09:18

PM admits UK is paying 'high price' for Afghanistan mission as British death toll rises to 444

Philip Hammond

Minister wants Armed Forces to get Health, Education cash

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Mon 29 Apr, AT 10:59

Philip Hammond wants to redirect up to £500m from Health and Education to prop up cash-strapped forces

A new job for the British Army - protecting the homeland

Thu 7 Mar, AT 10:55
Crispin Black

As the 'Desert Rats' lose their tanks, the Army needs a new role - and our national security fits the bill

Mali: why does the press have the taste of blood in its mouth?

Wed 30 Jan, AT 14:43
Crispin Black

Beware Britain's military-media complex, always ready to blow the trumpet for the next war

Will British Army allow women to serve in combat roles?

Talking Point
Fri 25 Jan, AT 14:56

US military decision starts a debate here – but some say women are already fighting on the frontline