Ministry of Defence

Soldiers Falklands
One-Minute Read
13 Jan, 2013

Additional troops, warship and combat aircraft could be dispatched to the Falkland Islands

One-Minute Read
20 Nov, 2012

Former NotW editors among five people to be charged as result of Operation Elveden

12 Oct, 2012

Ministry of Defence acts after soldier claims killing of insurgent last year broke strict rules of engagement

News Hub
12 Jul, 2012

Highlights from the latest tranche of MoD 'X-Files' released by the National Archives

Vanguard submarine
One-Minute Read
18 Jun, 2012

Contract with Ministry of Defence will secure jobs and development at firm’s Derby plant

Robert Fox
11 Jun, 2012

Computer viruses are just the tip of the iceberg as the US goes all out to combat threat from China

01 Jun, 2012

In an era of proliferation, the UK might well need a new nuclear weapon – but we seem to be ploughing ahead without a debate

03 Apr, 2012

'Special relationship' with US only goes so far, says Max Hastings

BAE Systems Eurofighter
One-Minute Read
27 Sep, 2011

Outcry from UK unions as aerospace giant gets set to downsize