Miranda Hart

03 Jun, 2013

Matt Smith's departure sparks rumours that next Time Lord will be played by a woman or a black actor

05 Dec, 2012

Canada's Nancy Huston gets Bad Sex award while 'mummy porn' author wins popular fiction trophy

30 Nov, 2012

Rowan Atkinson's character Sir Edmund Blackadder is reincarnated as the head of a bailed-out bank

miranda hart brian cox
16 Mar, 2011

Sitcom star and former D:Ream keyboards player lead the charge for the BBC

Miranda Hart
26 Jan, 2011

Johnny Dee on the new BBC1 chief's misguided quest for 'blue collar' humour

Miranda Hart
24 Jan, 2011

Jonathan Ross avoids scandal and Ulrika Jonsson turns heckler at the British Comedy Awards