Mitt Romney

10 Apr, 2013

Mitch McConnell attacks recording of meeting in which his staff discuss 'emotionally unbalanced' actress

24 Jan, 2013

For right-wingers enraged by Obama's inaugural address, attacking Hillary Clinton was irresistible

29 Nov, 2012

Susan Rice heads the list of three strong female candidates for top jobs in President's second term

07 Nov, 2012

Whose fault was that? Romney for being too weak? Chris Christie for buddying up to Obama?

07 Nov, 2012

Barack Obama defeated his Republican challenger Mitt Romney - but who else won and lost last night?

Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, US election
06 Nov, 2012

The Week’s hour-by-hour breakdown of what to watch for as the election results come through from the States

06 Nov, 2012

Election briefing: where the two candidates stand on the key issues facing the United States today

06 Nov, 2012

The New York Times psephologist has forecast an easy victory for incumbent Barack Obama