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Mohamed ElBaradei

Morsi decree makes him Egypt’s ‘new pharaoh’ say critics

First Reaction
Fri 23 Nov, AT 10:05

‘A major blow to the revolution’ says ElBaradei as president hands himself sweeping new powers

Egypt's army appeals to Tahrir but public anger unstoppable

Wed 23 Nov, AT 14:00

Tantawi makes far-reaching gestures and challenges protesters to come up with a better idea

Cairo deaths: blame the army and the Muslim Brotherhood

Mon 21 Nov, AT 14:40
Robert Fox

Only the military and the Islamists want the election to go ahead – and they appear to have cut a deal

mohamed elbaradei

Mohamed ElBaradei: Egypt's next president?

Fri 28 Jan, AT 15:55

ElBaradei wants to lead opposition to the Egyptian government - if protesters will let him