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Mohamed Morsi

Egyptian women faint outside the courtroom

Egyptian court sentences 683 people to death

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Mon 28 Apr, AT 13:17

Amnesty condemns 'farcical' mass trial amid crackdown that has seen 16,000 arrested

Obama secretly suspends aid to Egypt, acknowledging 'coup'

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Tue 20 Aug, AT 09:13

US President, under fire for indecision, is reported to have stopped aid as US reviews Egypt relations

Egypt: did police and power firms help bring Morsi down?

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Thu 11 Jul, AT 16:09

Sudden improvements in Egypt raise suspicion that former president was systematically undermined

Egypt heading for civil war? Five questions as deadline looms

Wed 3 Jul, AT 10:01

President Morsi's defiant speech makes military intervention inevitable after today's 3pm ultimatum

Morsi's opponents cry foul as Egypt's constitution is passed

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Fri 30 Nov, AT 13:08

Tensions in Cairo inflamed after a controversial new constitution is approved in 'rushed' vote

Egyptian president annoys US, Iran and Syria at summit

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Thu 30 Aug, AT 15:11

Mohamed Morsi supports Syrian rebels, but his presence in Tehran is also likely to anger the US

President Morsi promises to stop detaining journalists

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Fri 24 Aug, AT 15:44

After rising concern about press freedom in Egypt, Morsi steps in – but is it a cynical gesture?

Egypt-Israel peace treaty 'must be revised' to stop Sinai terror

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Wed 8 Aug, AT 10:48

Upsurge in Islamist violence in supposedly demilitarised Sinai desert is a tricky issue for old enemies