Rally for Boris Nemtsov in Moscow
02 Mar, 2015

World leaders call for full and transparent investigation into murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov

Victoria Nuland
07 Feb, 2014

Assistant secretary of state, Victoria Nuland, apologises to EU counterparts for 'undiplomatic language'

18 Jan, 2013

Dancers in shock after masked man hurls acid in Sergei Filin’s face outside his Moscow home

11 Oct, 2012

Neighbours thought to be sliding towards war after Turkey intercepts plane carrying 'illegal cargo’

Homs child, Syria
08 Jun, 2012

Foreign Secretary warns of descent into sectarian violence with village turning against village

Robert Fox
06 Jun, 2012

President al-Assad can count on Russian support, but social media means his internal repression cannot be ignored forever

Isaac Cuenca
31 May, 2012

Wenger ready to make offer for Spanish winger, and rekindles interest in Marvin Martin

25 Mar, 2012

Who shot German Gorbuntsov, why did they want him dead – and who was the blonde?