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Mumbai: why al-Qaeda cannot be ruled out

Fri 5 Dec, AT 12:51
Robert Fox

The West must sharpen its intelligence gathering to pick up on the ever-evolving tactics and personnel of Islamist terrorist groups

The fatal delay that allowed terrorists to besiege a city

Fri 5 Dec, AT 11:23

A security consultant reveals how too few Indian commandos were sent in to Mumbai – and how their deployment was delayed by hours

Some countries aren’t up to hosting big sporting events

Thu 4 Dec, AT 15:55

Whether or not England’s cricket team returns to India, the Mumbai massacre kills off the idealistic view that sporting events can be hosted by anybody

Questions from Mumbai

Mon 1 Dec, AT 09:43
Robert Fox

Robert Fox on the immediate questions raised by Mumbai, not only in India but across the world

The prime suspect behind the deadly Mumbai attacks

Thu 27 Nov, AT 08:55