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Music awards

Adele nominated for six Grammys as 21 sells 4 million

One-Minute Read
Thu 1 Dec, AT 12:35

The British soul singer is up for awards including best song, album and record

Adele loses out to Taylor Swift in artist of the year surprise

One-Minute Read
Mon 21 Nov, AT 10:14

Country singer is so shocked she has 'no idea what to say' at American Music Awards

Lady Gaga the big winner at MTV Europe awards

One-Minute Read
Mon 7 Nov, AT 11:43

Streaker upstages actress Hayden Panettiere as the EMAs come to Belfast

Spinal Tap

Was Lady Gaga’s egg inspired by Spinal Tap?

Mon 14 Feb, AT 13:34

Singer didn’t suffer thesame fate as Tap bassistDerek Smalls when sheperformed at the Grammys