Twitter 9th Birthday
15 Jul, 2015

Once the hot start-up, is it now the next MySpace? On Twitter's ninth anniversary, many analysts are questioning its future

07 Jan, 2013

Which start-ups will make it big this year and can web dinosaurs like MySpace be revived?

rupert murdoch
11 Aug, 2011

Business digest: Rupert Murdoch praises ‘good quarter’ but admits phone hacking scandal presents ‘challenges’

Rupert Murdoch
16 Feb, 2010

Murdoch’s biographer gives him a battering for MySpace debacle - though not everyone agrees

08 Dec, 2009

Search results to feature content from Twitter, Facebook and MySpace

24 Jun, 2009

The social networking site plans to slash two-thirds of its worldwide employees outside the US

17 Jun, 2009

The social networking site announces the staff cuts as it is hit by competition from rivals Facebook and Twitter

21 Nov, 2008

Megan Meier committed suicide when her ‘boyfriend’ dumped her online - but then he turned out to be a 49-year-old woman