Nadine Dorries

General view of Canterbury Cathedral

Church 'hypocritical' for offering jobs below living wage

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Mon 23 Feb, AT 10:06

Church of England advertised a job at £6.50 an hour – £1.35 below the living wage

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How would God vote? Probably SNP if the bishops are right

Tue 17 Feb, AT 09:07
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Unholy row develops as Church leaders send out advice to parishes on how to vote like a Christian on 7 May

Penny Mordaunt: Tory MP set to make waves as Splash! contestant

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Wed 8 Jan, AT 15:26

Nadine Dorries was suspended by Tories over reality TV gig, but Mordaunt hopes for calmer waters

Nigel Farage's 'joint ticket' offer could be an election winner

Tue 14 May, AT 11:01
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Tory MPs now dancing to UKIP leader's tune as David Cameron performs another referendum about-turn


Tory discipline breaks down as PPS vows to back EU rebels

Mon 13 May, AT 11:37
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Gove's PPS says he'll vote for rebel amendment while David Davis throws champagne party for Mad Nad

Tories forced to re-embrace 'Mad Nad' Dorries after UKIP threat

Wed 8 May, AT 10:11
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'Posh boys' Cameron and Osborne swallow hard as Nadine Dorries looks set to return to Tory fold

Who started Adam Afriyie story? Surely not the Cameron camp?

Mon 28 Jan, AT 08:53
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As four polls cut Labour's lead over Tories to under ten points, the last thing Tories need is a new leader

Blackadder is back for some banker bashing - video

Fri 30 Nov, AT 11:34

Rowan Atkinson's character Sir Edmund Blackadder is reincarnated as the head of a bailed-out bank

Robert Pattinson disses One Direction, but 'loves Westlife'

The Tabloids
Wed 28 Nov, AT 13:10

Tabloid tales: R-Patz disses One Direction, Vampire on the loose in Serbia, Pippa Middleton is a 'sinner of the year'

Nadine Dorries escapes Tory sacking – but for how long?

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Tue 27 Nov, AT 15:02

'I'm a Celebrity' MP is given a week to prove she can mend fences with her angry constituents