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Nancy Lanza

Will tighter gun controls really stop another school massacre?

Talking Point
Fri 21 Dec, AT 18:35

The rhetoric and the reality: pro-guns NRA said to signing up 8,000 new members a day

Nancy Lanza buried as locals ask: was massacre her fault?

Fri 21 Dec, AT 08:33
Charles Laurence

One week on... private funeral takes place 200 miles away from the scene of Adam Lanza's rampage

Did Adam Lanza's 'paranoid' mother trigger killing spree?

One-Minute Read
Mon 17 Dec, AT 10:21

Nancy Lanza was stockpiling guns and struggling to hold it together, say friends and family

Sandy Hook massacre: killer's mother was a 'big, big gun fan'

Sun 16 Dec, AT 10:40

Nancy Lanza taught her son Adam how to shoot: he then shot her in the face before going on his rampage