24 Jul, 2015

Astronomers have found a large planet, Kepler-452b, which they say is 'the closest twin to Earth'

Pluto and Charon
16 Jul, 2015

'Ice mountains' reveal evidence of water on Pluto, as scientists begin downloading probe data

Tim Peake
09 Jul, 2015

The UK has reversed its policy of unmanned space missions, meaning Britons can now become astronauts

08 Jul, 2015

Unmanned drones are becoming commonplace in a variety of industries across the globe

Star of Bethlehem Event
01 Jul, 2015

Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will 'lift our attention away from our own little world into the enormous things beyond'

Mobile phones sim cards
20 Feb, 2015

Hack gave GCHQ and NSA access to billions of calls and mobile data, according to new Snowden leak

26 Jan, 2015

Don't panic: the asteroid will miss us by a comfortable 745,000 miles – but nothing will get closer until 2027

08 Jan, 2015

Mission will be like 'trying to balance a rubber broomstick on your hand in the middle of a wind storm'

30 Jun, 2015

Extra second needed this summer to allow atomic time to synchronise with the Earth's rotation

United Launch Alliance Delta 4 rocket carrying NASA's first Orion spacecraft
04 Dec, 2014

Maiden flight of capsule that could help humans reach the Red Planet heralded as a 'landmark moment'