The first color composite of Saturn taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft

Is Saturn about to give birth to a new moon called Peggy?

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'We have not seen anything like this before' say scientists, as they spot a bulge in planet's ring

Jam doughnut rock spotted on Mars leaves Nasa baffled

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'We were absolutely startled,' admit scientists as Opportunity Rover captures image of new rock

Lauri Love: vicar's son held over 'massive' hacking spree

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Experts say US will try to extradite 28-yr-old who is accused of stealing data from Nasa and US Army

Asteroid TV135 Q&A: will giant rock destroy Earth in 2032?

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Reports suggest planet will be devastated by strike, but experts say there are long odds on an apocalypse

Voyager 1 has finally left our solar system, claim scientists

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Researchers claim probe in now travelling through interstellar space, but Nasa is not convinced

Nasa chronicles 'violent dance' on face of the sun - video

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Three years of images have been turned into a time-lapse film showing sun spots and flares

Mars Curiosity Rover artists impression

Life on Mars: could microbes have travelled to Earth?

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Curiosity discovers more evidence of water and the possibility of life on the red planet


Giant asteroid set to give Earth a 'record-setting close shave'

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Asteroid weighing 130,000 tonnes to pass planet on 15 February close enough to strike a satellite

Mayan apocalypse is just a myth says Nasa - video

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Don't worry – the world will NOT come to an end on 21 December, says US space agency