Nasa illustration of solar storm

Solar super storm: near miss threatened life as we know it

Thu 24 Jul, AT 16:05

Space storm that narrowly missed Earth would have had a 'catastrophic effect' costing $2 trillion

A supermoon rises behind a Greek temple

Black supermoon 2015: when is it and can I see it?

Fri 20 Mar, AT 10:29

Today's black supermoon will coincide with a solar eclipse, prompting a rash of amateur astronomy

Nasa's LDSD flying saucer

Nasa tests 'flying saucer' spaceship for future Mars missions

One-Minute Read
Mon 30 Jun, AT 13:03

UFO-shaped spacecraft could be critical for future manned mission to the red planet

The first color composite of Saturn taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft

Is Saturn about to give birth to a new moon called Peggy?

Wed 16 Apr, AT 15:41

'We have not seen anything like this before' say scientists, as they spot a bulge in planet's ring

Jam doughnut rock spotted on Mars leaves Nasa baffled

One-Minute Read
Mon 20 Jan, AT 14:12

'We were absolutely startled,' admit scientists as Opportunity Rover captures image of new rock

Lauri Love: vicar's son held over 'massive' hacking spree

One-Minute Read
Tue 29 Oct, AT 11:52

Experts say US will try to extradite 28-yr-old who is accused of stealing data from Nasa and US Army

Asteroid TV135 Q&A: will giant rock destroy Earth in 2032?

Fri 18 Oct, AT 15:31

Reports suggest planet will be devastated by strike, but experts say there are long odds on an apocalypse

Voyager 1 has finally left our solar system, claim scientists

One-Minute Read
Mon 19 Aug, AT 13:59

Researchers claim probe in now travelling through interstellar space, but Nasa is not convinced

Nasa chronicles 'violent dance' on face of the sun - video

Wed 24 Apr, AT 15:23

Three years of images have been turned into a time-lapse film showing sun spots and flares