Black marble: Nasa images of earth at night
16 Dec, 2014

Rumours circulating online suggested that a massive solar storm would lead to six days of darkness this month

Hanger One
12 Nov, 2014

The tech giant has leased an airfield from Nasa as the space agency tries to reduce its footprint on earth

31 Oct, 2014

Five of the best viral videos of the week, hand-picked by our video partner 5by

Nasa rocket exploded
29 Oct, 2014

Cargo rocket carrying supplies for astronauts on the International Space Station bursts into flames

22 Aug, 2014

Russia's space agency says it has discovered sea plankton in space – but Nasa isn't convinced

Nasa illustration of solar storm
24 Jul, 2014

Space storm that narrowly missed Earth would have had a 'catastrophic effect' costing $2 trillion

A supermoon rises behind a Greek temple
20 Mar, 2015

Today's black supermoon will coincide with a solar eclipse, prompting a rash of amateur astronomy

Nasa's LDSD flying saucer
30 Jun, 2014

UFO-shaped spacecraft could be critical for future manned mission to the red planet

The first color composite of Saturn taken by NASA's Cassini spacecraft
16 Apr, 2014

'We have not seen anything like this before' say scientists, as they spot a bulge in planet's ring