Unseen video emerges of Challenger shuttle disaster

Thu 4 Feb, AT 15:37

The worst space disaster was filmed by an optometrist who stashed the video for 24 years

Astronaut - man on the moon

Obama abandons moon travel for job creation

Tue 2 Feb, AT 07:30

‘We can’t go on spending as if deficits don’t have consequences’ says Obama, presenting his budget

Don’t panic, says Nasa, as 2012 theories spread

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Wed 11 Nov, AT 15:14

Nasa has chosen to dignify speculation that the world will end in 2012 - as predicted by the Mayans - with a lengthy rebuttal

Space shuttle

Nasa and space shuttle’s do-or-die Hubble mission

Wed 29 Apr, AT 17:30

Budget-squeezed Nasa cannot afford another shuttle disaster as it seeks a smooth transition to the spacecraft’s Orion and Ares successors